McCullough Industries

Dumping Hopper Lids

Item # 10033, Dumping Hopper Lids

Engineered for safety and economy. Bump Release Hoppers are innovative and automatically dump on contact with the roll-off container. Hoppers are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading. Continuous welding helps to prevent dripping of wet materials (leak-proof hoppers are available upon request). Formed smooth edge around top and pouring lip for safety and strength. Extended sides prevent side-wise scattering of material.
ImageNameFits To Hopper SizeLengthWeight
Item # 10033, Dumping Hopper Lids1 yd³64.5 in125 lb
Item # 15033, Dumping Hopper Lids1 1/2 yd³64.5 in165 lb
Item # 20033, Dumping Hopper Lids2 yd³78 in225 lb
Item # 25033, Dumping Hopper Lids2 1/2 yd³46 in205 lb
Item # 2533, Dumping Hopper Lids1/4 yd³45.75 in75 lb
Item # 26033, Dumping Hopper Lids2 1/2 yd³69 in275 lb
Item # 30033, Dumping Hopper Lids3 yd³87 in255 lb
Item # 3333, Dumping Hopper Lids1/3 yd³53.5 in95 lb
Item # 40033, Dumping Hopper Lids4 yd³87 in325 lb
Item # 50033, Dumping Hopper Lids5 yd³86.5 in410 lb
Item # 5033, Dumping Hopper Lids1/2 yd³53 in105 lb
Item # 7533, Dumping Hopper Lids3/4 yd³59.75 in120 lb