Item # 7577LP, Low Profile Dumping Hoppers

Series “77” 3/16″ Steel (7 Gauge) Hopper with 3/16″ (7 Gauge) Steel Base
Note: 3/4 cu yd and 1 cu yd sizes have a rolled edge on both sides and back. For inside container width subtract 3 1/2″ from dimension “A”. For inside container length subtract 1 3/4″ from dimension “F”
All dimensions are approximate some dimensions may vary slightly per hopper.



Volume Capacity 0.75 yd³
Overall Width A 48.5 in
Overall Height B 24 in
Overall Length C 55.75 in
Fork Opening D 2 by 28 in
Container Length F 48.25 in
Dump Clearance Height G 51.25 in
Dump Clearance Bottom H 27.5 in
Dump Clearance Length I 48.5 in
Front Clearance J 30 in
Base Width K 28.375 in
Base Length L 25.75 in
Dump Angle M 90 º
Center Of Gravity N 28.125 in
Weight Capacity 5000 lb
Approximate Weight 455 lb
Pouring Lip E 0 in


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