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Self Dumping Hoppers


A self-dumping hopper is a rugged steel container used to safely store, transport and dump materials. Hoppers are made of sturdy welded steel and designed for heavy-duty forklift handling. Self-dumping hoppers offer a safer, more efficient way to move and store material by reducing risk of accident to the forklift operator and limiting exposure to potentially hazardous materials.

The GEN II series features capacities that range from ¼ yard all the way up to 6 yards. With such a large selection, dimensions and specifications vary greatly. However, all GEN II hoppers are manufactured with heavy steel construction, 3” fork opening, low center of gravity and a compact footprint. To learn more about Wright® hoppers, contact us directly.

Low Profile Dumping Hoppers

Low Profile Dumping Hoppers

If height is a concern, a low profile self-dumping hopper may be the answer. The low, wide design provides increased capacity with reduced height. The low profile self-dumping hoppers have a formed smooth edge around the top and pouring lip for safety and strength. Extended sides prevent material from scattering or spilling. Our low profile hoppers are available in 17” or 24” height profiles to suit small spaces and in-line production.

McCullough Industries features low profile self-dumping hopper capacities that range from 1/4 yard up to 1-1/2 cubic yards in volume. Dimensions and specifications vary, with load capacities of 4,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. All low-profile self-dumping hoppers are manufactured with heavy steel construction and customizable features that make them suitable in a wide range of industries.

Bump Release Hoppers

Engineered for safety and economy. Bump Release Hoppers are innovative and automatically dump on contact with the roll-off container. Hoppers are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading. Continuous welding helps to prevent dripping of wet materials (leak-proof hoppers are available upon request). Formed smooth edge around top and pouring lip for safety and strength. Extended sides prevent side-wise scattering of material.

Dumping Hoppers Accessories

Hopper Accessories

Augmenting our extensive line of hoppers and dumping systems are accessories that add convenience and innovation. Systems requiring casters can be fitted with steel, rubber, plastic or polyurethane casters that can accommodate up to 4,000 lbs. per set. Other space-saving options include a stackable feature for all hoppers 1 yard and under. In addition, we can also provide hoppers that offer 3-way entry, heavy duty lift lugs and a 3’ pull chain that allows fork lift operators to unlatch hoppers without leaving the lift truck.

Hoppers feature a durable, standard gray painted finish; however, special coating and finishes can be applied. Regardless of features and options, all McCullough products utilize heavy steel-welded construction with customizable features that make them suitable for almost any application. For more information, contact us directly.